Annemarieke Béguin 1
Greig A. Paterson 2
Andrew J. Biggin 2
Lennart V. de Groot 1
Joren Paridaens
1 Paleomagnetic Laboratory Fort Hoofddijk, Department of Earth Sciences, Utrecht University, Netherlands
2 Geomagnetism Laboratory, Oliver Lodge Labs, School of Environmental Sciences, University of Liverpool, United Kingdom

Source code

Thellier selection criteria statistics are based on the Standard Paleointensity Definitions v1.1 (Paterson et al., 2014). The calculations for the Multispecimen protocol are based on the VBA-based software tool presented by Monster et al., (2015).

The Python source code used for all calculations are publicly available on GitHub and the source code for version 1.0.0 can be accessed through the Zenodo repository DOI

Demo data

  • The demo data for Thermal Thellier consist of a sub-set of the calibration data set presented along the SPD.
  • The Microwave Thellier demo data shows two specimens from the East Eifel, Germany (Monster et al., 2018).
  • For pseudo-Thellier the demo data consists of four sediment specimens from the Taranto Gulf in the Mediterranean, providing relative intensity values (Béguin et al., 2019).
  • For the Multispecimen protocol the demo data comprises a sub-set of the test data for the VBA-based MSP-Tool (Monster et al., 2015) and two sites from Hawaii (de Groot et al., 2013).

Input formats

The different analyzing methods support different input formats. Below an explanation of the currently available input formats. Requests for a specific input format can be sent to: paleointensity@uu.nl

Thermal Thellier MagIC format (v3.0) example | definition Thellier-Tool files (tdt) example | definition Utrecht format (TH) example | definition Liverpool format (csv) example | definition PmagPy generic format example | definition
Microwave Thellier MagIC format (v3.0) example | definition Liverpool format (csv) example | definition
pseudo-Thellier MagIC format (v3.0) example | definition Utrecht format (AF) example | definition pTh format example | definition Modified PmagPy format example | definition
Multispecimen protocol MagIC format (v3.0) example | definition JR6 output files example | definition MSP generic format example | definition


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V1.0.1 23/12/2020
Fixed - Removing 'all interpretations' of a specimen would remove all interpretations of the sample.
Fixed - Hovering over MSP specimens did not trigger the highlight effect in the two graphs.
Added - 'Initializing' feedback for the first load of the Analyses page.
Added - An "Are you sure" dialog when removing all interpretations.
Added - The favicon.
Added - This changelog.

V1.0.0 08/04/2020
Initial release.