An online application to analyse paleointensity data produced by different methods and experiments. For each of these methods data files can be imported, visualized, interpreted and exported. A description of the application, its supported data formats, and instructions for use can be found in the accompanying paper in G-cubed; please cite this paper if you use this application for your research


The website supports four different paleointensity methods:
  • Thermal Thellier
  • Microwave Thellier
  • pseudo-Thellier
  • Multispecimen techniques
The data is visualized by the applicable graphs, and can be interpreted on specimen level with easy to use key-board controls. Beyond the manual interpretation of data, we support an automated interpretation for Thellier-type experiments on specimen-level based pre-defined selection criteria. supports the import and export of MagIC files. Moreover, it is possible to save and open your 'local storage' containing all data and saved interpretations. This exported file can be shared among researchers or attached to your paper as supplementary information, and can later be imported to the application to visualize all data and interpretations. Although the application runs in a web browser, all data is stored locally and is not sent over the internet for its interpretation.

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